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As the company continues to grow, our commitment to excellence expands with it.

A steadfast dedication to business integrity is a cornerstone of the company’s success, and providing significant return-on-investment for its clients remains the Top Priority.

Nemaha and its employees foster a high moral and ethical standard not only on the job site but in everyday life. Those values help to promote the overall company vision.

Values: Nemaha Sports Construction is privately owned, managed and guided by firmly held values that define our company:

Integrity: In all decisions, and at every level, NSC is committed to honesty, fair-mindedness and to always doing the right thing no matter how difficult or unpopular.

Teamwork: Our personnel are the foundation of our success and we strive to employ and advance those who share the core values, which represent our company. We trust and support each other and value productivity and loyalty. By exercising our values on each and every project, we nurture the mission of the company.

Performance: Through our knowledge of the industry, an understanding of the issues our customers may face, and the markets in which they operate, we are able to deliver on our promises and provide unparalleled performance and a superior return on investment to our clients.

Conscientious: Meticulous, Detailed, Careful, Upright are all descriptive talents that emulate within the NSC team. The meticulous approach to project constraints of time, scope and budget. The detail and thought required to get it done right the first time. The careful management of resources and risk. The upright approach of addressing inconsistency. Combined, these values have established a successful record of cost savings, operating efficiency, superior quality and trusted partnerships.

Mission Statement: At Nemaha Sports Construction, our mission is to deliver superior quality, cost- effective Athletic Fields and Landscape Construction Projects on time, while creating trusted partnerships, maintaining our integrity, and supporting our work family.

Vision Statement: Nemaha Sports Construction will be a financially sound, widely recognized contracting company sought out by owners, associates and employees for its uncompromising values and the ability to deliver quality, cost-effective projects.











Excellence – Intentional Pursuit of Perfection in all aspects of what we do.

Teamwork – Trust, Communication, & Collaboration to achieve the common goal.

Humility – Respect, Listen, Observe and Understand as we know there is always another lesson to learn.

Integrity – Honest, Fair-Mindedness, and always doing the right thing.

Courage – Owning our mistakes/errors and stepping up to the plate to address issues head-on.

Safety – Using the highest safety standards to ensure the wellbeing of our team.



“I would like to express our appreciation for Nemaha Sports Construction’s performance on Colorado State University — Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium. We especially appreciate the expertise that your team demonstrated during all stages of the construction. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Nemaha Sports Construction.”

Jim Stoddard, Colorado State University


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